Updates from the past two months

A lot has happened in the past few weeks. In the beginning of October, I was on vacation so lost a couple weeks of productivity. November has been pretty active. I have taken a hiatus on my app idea for group travel and have been focusing on a couple other things: 

UX apprenticeship: I started a UX apprenticeship with our UX team at Deloitte Digital. I am working on developing hands-on skills with an internal project to manage the studio inventory. I am in the midst of user research. I am taking an online course on usability testing hosted on Udemy. The instructor is David Travis. I will continue to blog about my experience on here. 

Startup Weekend DC: I went to a 54 hour startup weekend to test my initial skills in UX and see if I could hack building a business over night. Turns out it was a great experience. I joined a team after someone made a compelling pitch. I soon start sketching out wireframes and was the person on point for developing our wireframes in Balsamiq. Then we hit the streets and tested our idea and our design with real users. Our developer was busy at work making a prototype all weekend, minus any sleep for him. We actually won the competition and had 48 hours to develop a pitch video for the Global Startup Battle. I will reveal more details in the next couple weeks. It was a whirlwind and I think I am still catching up on sleep but I highly recommend this experience for any budding entrepreneurs.