First Post - Starting to Learn UX

Whether it is networking with UXers, attending classes, listening to podcasts, this blog will walk you through my trials and tribulations in building skills in UX.  Full disclosure: what you see on this website will be UX projects that I have done myself, not for a client.  I am not an experienced user experience designer.

I am starting from ground zero. My day job has taught me how to conduct interviews, build solid relationships, and design fancy PowerPoint slides but my newfound interest in all things digital has landed me into user experience.  

I have started off by attending classes at General Assembly: 1) Mobile Development for Nonprogrammers, Product Management 101, and User Experience Bootcamp. General Assembly is a great concept - learning practical skills for a career in digital. However, there aren't enough minutes in each class to fully grasp all the concepts. But it is a start. 

The first book I have started to read so far is "Inspired: How to Create Products Customers Love" by Marty Cagan. Marty is a partner at Silicon Valley Product Group and has experience working at major tech companies (eBay, HP) in product. It's been easy to fly through so far and gives high-level definitions of product management versus what people outside of project think it actually is. More to come once I finish this book. 

On deck to read is "Designing for the Digital Age: How to Create Human-Center Products and Services", a recommendation from a colleague in my firm's digital practice. He said this was the book he referenced when he was learning UX on the job so let's see if it can teach me a thing or two.

My plan is to grasp a baseline understanding of UX and then apply the concepts and approach to a project.