As defined by the Designing for a Digital Age book, personas are archetypes that describe the various goals and observed behavior patterns among our potential users and customers. 

One of my user personas is the primary group trip planner. You can read more about the objective of my project in my Portfolio section of this website. I interviewed and observed my good friend, Christina, who takes over 10 group trips a year, most of which she is the person who plans the destination, shares potential logistics (airfare, train options, accommodations etc.) with her fellow travelers, researches activities, and comes up with itineraries.

The interview focused on finding her travel booking pain points and priorities. Example questions included:

  • What things do you usually do first, and why? 
  • What do you put off as long as you can and why?
  • What frustrates you most about the group travel booking process?
  • What product/tool do you use most often for travel booking? 

I also had her navigate through a competitor mobile app, which could be a potential competitor to my idea down the line, to see what she liked about it and what she didn't.

Her persona came together based on her behavioral and demographic variables. I captured her demographics, travel planning and book preferences (which included tools used and device preferences), core dimensions of her personality (tech savvy-ness, time sensitivities, motivation), her workarounds (what she currently does instead of using an app that I would create), her frustrations, her goals, her key values, and the environment she frequently operates in. My goal is to create a couple other personas and create a customer journey map before I start sketching and prototyping. The journey continues...