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The challenge.

The Director of Customer Insights of a government agency came to our team to help them jumpstart their customer experience roadmap and long-term vision. 

Mapping out the touchpoints.

Our team mapped out specific interactions for small and medium-sized businesses, which gave us the information and space to optimize those interactions. The goal was to reduce churn and improve customer experience overall for these key target customers.

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Ethnographic research for the customer journey.

Our team conducted ethnographic research with multiple small and medium-sized businesses, directly observing their experiences in their offices and warehouses. We captured the problematic areas and pain points. I served as the primary ethnography and one of the leads in synthesizing and analyzing both qualitative and quantitative research.

Finding the moments of truth.

We mapped out the current state customer journey and defined moments of truth - highly emotional touchpoints that were make or break moments in the customer lifecycle. We aligned opportunities to internal organizational business units and provided actionable recommendations.  We also design a future-state customer journey and developed a roadmap for continued CX improvements. The agency has used our project as a starting point in their long-term vision and expanded their projects using human-centered design and customer insights.