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The issue we were wanted to solve.

We wanted to make an app that helps the tens of thousands of individuals with a dietary restriction a smarter way to order at restaurants. We wanted them to have a trustworthy source that they could turn to to help them make their food decisions quicker and easier.

It all started in a weekend.

Our team created a business in 54 hours during a start up weekend and we won. During the weekend, I was the UX designer - creating the sketches and wireframes for the product. I went out on the streets and tested paper prototypes with strangers on the street. I also was the lead in developing our pitch deck that we presented in front of a panel of leaders in the DC startup community.


I became the business development and strategy lead as we continued to work on our product for months after. As a co-founder, I was meeting with restaurant managers and owners to forge partnerships with our product. The value we brought to them was customer data and less customer service complaints. Their servers could also benefit from this information at their fingertips, saving them time and resources in training.

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The product.

NUMENU is fast, less stressful, convenient, and transparent. Users are able to create a profile and input their dietary restrictions, food they are avoiding, or track calories and protein. Their restaurant results populate on a map and point them to a safe choice nearby. After selecting a restaurant, NUMENU shows the user a customized menu with food they can eat at the top of their list, with all the ingredients and nutritional values. 

Where are are now.

Our team has decided to focus on other endeavors at the moment. We had great traction at some restaurants in DC and they were interested in partnering with us. When it came time to give us their menu ingredients, it was more difficult to pin down that information. As a business, our core value was transparency and trust for our users and since we were unable to guarantee those menu ingredients, we decided to press pause on our app.