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Envisioning the travel experience.

The Director of a government agency that oversees travel asked our team to help his team envision a future where work travel is easy. Across government, travel was hindering mission critical activities and becoming a huge pain point for all.


The discovery effort.

We knew we had to go directly to the users and understand their current experience as step 1. I managed a team who conducted almost 70 interviews across 10 organizations to learn about the behavioral and environmental factors that contribute to the travel experience across all channels - digital and physical. We also conducted usability assessments to benchmark the current travel platform on key metrics (e.g. time on task, success rate, time spent outside the system).

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Visualizing the experience.

In collaboration with our UX designers, I designed and developed content for personas and journey maps to identify opportunities to improve the travel experience. We took a unique approach to our persona development: scoring across multiple variables, plotting our users across multiple spectrums to find the patterns and groupings to form our personas.


Defining the product vision.

I led the product visioning process where we defined design principles and tenets as our gold standards for designing the prototype. From this vision, I laid out the product strategy and roadmap for our cross-functional team to accomplish.


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What we accomplished and where we are going.

We are continuing conversations to help shape the vision for government travel, working with current vendors. Our project led to client acceptance and understanding of user-centered design techniques and the importance of user research. They now have a tangible vision and prototype as they shape future acquistions and design decisions moving forward.




Prototyping the vision.

Both the visual and UX designers used Sketch and Marvel to prototype out a vision for the travel platform in the future - revolutionizing both UI and UX elements throughout the page, using a mental model similar to TurboTax to break down the process and policy step-by-step for the users. Our team tested the designs through usability testing with a diverse set of users.