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Create efficiencies.

A Director of an enforcement division within an organization came to us with a problem of its internal processes slowing them down on their mission critical work. They were bogged down in their own bureaucracy, looking to find a way to make themselves more efficient and effective.

Find the problems.

We conducted a series of interviews at all levels of the organization – from the paralegals to the leadership, hearing their pain points, struggles, what was working on their specific teams, and what they thought needed to be changed. We mapped these out in detailed process maps, to be able to pin point each decision making process and stage gate. 

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Prioritize the solutions.

We facilitated sessions to walk through the detailed process maps and prioritized 6 initiatives to increase the productivity of their division. I led the development of a blueprint with a series of step-by-step checklists, best practices, collaboration expectations, and decision rights. We also clarified key decision rights throughout the process.

Define checklists for product management. 

As an aside, highly recommend the book: Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande. At one of our product manager standup meetings – where we get together to discuss best practices and projects – I gave a presentation about using checklists for product management. It’s a simple concept that can make a world of difference.  Our team has developed checklists for prepping for sprint reviews,  whether or not a feature should be put into development, user testing, and a mobile app release checklist, including quality assurance, user experience/ user interface, copy, and engineering.

Scale the solutions across the organization.

The project led to increased efficiencies across the division. The Director frequently cites this project and its solutions publicly as an example of how their division has evolved recently. The blueprint was one of the main successes of the project - as individuals within the division have cited using the digital copy weekly and printed copies in their offices as reference. As of November 2016, our team has been brought back into the client to develop a similar blueprint and overall project for another division in the organization.