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The challenge we were up against.

An internal website for our entire practice within Deloitte is clunky, difficult to navigate, impossible to search, and hinders collaboration within the company. It currently includes past performance qualifications, proposal documents, design assets, and more. 

Partnership with leadership.

We interviewed practitioners across the practice and at all levels to understand their pain points, their behaviors, and needs. It turns out that the majority of individuals find the site incredibly frustrating and limit their use of it because it is too challenging to find what they are looking for. In a parallel effort, it was important for us to also hear from leadership – what their business objective are for the site, what this site is in relation to others, 

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Learning from empathy.

I took the lead on refining the personas that we used to communicate to practice leadership – for them to quickly understand the problems individuals were facing – and most importantly – to receive their buy-in and investment in making improvements to their experience. 

Content organization.

My colleague and I started by mapping out a site map – a diagram to show an improved organization of the website, its navigation, and how different sections are linked together. This helped us and leadership visualize the organization and labeling of content – giving them an overview of how the website will fit together. We also put together a few user flow diagrams to demonstrate how one of the personas would interact with the website through specific pages. 

Sketch. Rinse. Repeat.

I wireframed out a draft of a redesigned landing page, and 3 double clicks into content for the user flows in Sketch. We wanted the home page that was consistent with other designs but also catered to each of the personas – with frequently accessed content front and center, categories that make sense, one consistent navigation, and search results easily filtered and sorted. 

We are still in the process of working with leadership on the content but we have received their support in focusing on this as one of the key investments moving into 2017.